The company was formed to conduct the business operation for the solid waste recycling and recovery the metal/steel from the existing steel slag producing by LICB Group of companies.

Steel Slag and The Environment Worldwide Technology Business Model Production Process

Introduction of Steel Slag and Business Opportunity

Steel slag is a byproduct from either the conversion of iron to steel in a basic oxygen furnace, or the melting of scrap to make steel in an electric arc furnace. Like other kind of waste material, if the steel slag without further processing, they were non-decaying and will remain in the environment for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. This situation combined with the ever increasing consumer population and demand, has resulted in a waste disposal crisis.

Research reported by Hamzah (2002) that steel slag amounts to approximately 10% of liquid steel output in a typical steel producing plant and it indeed represents the major waste items generated from the steel making industry. The cost for committing to the environmental friendly disposal plan can add tremendous burden to the industry.

The fact to resolve the waste disposal problem and reduce cost, recycling of these materials and engineering them into useful products are essential and that was also align with Malaysia government’s effort in developing green business environment technology.

What can Steel Slag be used for?

Steel slag’s attribute in highly compressed structure, it resulted in very dense and hard materials. At the moment, this kind of engineering waste material widely innovatively and effectively use into road construction in various countries including Malaysia.

Fortunately, because of this type of engineering waste is high basicity and being cooled properly can exhibit cementing property; ground steel slag has been used in several different cementing systems. The use of steel slag in these cementing systems results in some advantages over conventional cements. Certain of country like China, they are further innovate the steel slag waste into building material i.e. cement block.


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