Lion Titco Resources Sdn Bhd (906799-K)
To be a sponsor for the friendly environmental earth.

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Lion Titco Resources Sdn Bhd ("LionTitco") was incorporated on 6th July 2010 under the Malaysia Company Act, 1965.  The company was a tri-parties joint venture entity between a United State base multinational industrial waste recycling provider Tunner Industry & Trade Corp., Slag Aggregate Sdn Bhd (a wholly whole subsidiary company of Lion Industries Corporation Berhad) and Bichain Trading Co. Ltd.  Its mission of work is to undertake a long term contract services for the steel maker Lion Group in providing technical known how in recycling the steel slag generated by Lion Group of companies and metal extraction; indirectly work together with the counter party in promoting environmental friendly industrial working environment.

The company is under the stewardship of the managing director Mr. Julian Yang Chyh Liang who has more than 30 years experience in slag product development and application.  Under his stewardship, the company wishes can effectively turn the industrial waste into a useful by products for the use of cement, agriculture and construction industry; and promote the green technology in Malaysia.

By offering a comprehensive solution on the recycle of steel slag, it also contributes to the environmental protection significantly.